Non-Construction Help

Want to volunteer with Golden Cresent Habitat for Humanity, but can’t make Saturday builds? There are numerous other ways you can get involved with Habitat Victoria – committees, special projects, and board membership to name a few.

Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity relies upon volunteer committees to assist with much of the operational functions of the organization. Committees bring new ideas and keep paid staffing at a minimum, allowing for more organizational resources to be devoted to building affordable homes.

The following are Standing Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity Committees and Teams each welcomes new volunteers with interest and skills in these areas:

Public Relations Committee Chair: Sharon Ross
This committee shall be responsible for preparation, collection and dissemination of information and materials pertaining to Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity.
Advancement Team Chair: Susannah Porr
This team shall be responsible for coordinating the raising of funds to conduct the business of the corporation. The tasks to be coordinated by this committee shall include the Annual Fund Campaigns, grant proposal writing, special events, and cultivation of individual major donors. The committee shall emphasize and promote the importance of Christian stewardship in the servicing of donors and supporters.
Volunteer Committee Staff: Leanne Welder
This committee shall assist the staff in developing and implementing on-going programs for recruitment, training, development, assignment, retention, evaluation and recognition of volunteers.
Church Relations Committee Staff: Sharon Ross
This committee shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with the area's churches and synagogues as well as other places of worship.
Family Partnering Committee Staff: Leanne Welder
This committee shall be responsible for providing Habitat homeowners with a mutual support system, educational opportunities, and a forum for discussions pertaining to home ownership and maintenance, all for the purpose of helping families break the poverty cycle and become independent.
Construction Team Chair: Heath Seerden
This committee shall be responsible for advising the staff in the developing and implementing all construction processes, standards and plans.
Family Selection Committee Chair: Sheila Vesely
This committee shall be responsible for developing criteria for family selection, soliciting and reviewing applications and making recommendations to the Board on these matters, and following up on Board decisions.
Site Selection Committee Chair: John Kisalus
This committee shall be responsible for selecting land and neighborhoods which meet the requirements for Habitat construction.

Special Projects
Throughout the year there are special projects that Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity undertakes, which increase our need for volunteers. Special events such as the First Victoria National Bank fishing tournament, our signature “Speaking of Sweat Equity” event and our Volunteer/Donor Holiday Open House recognition event all require extra man hours.

If you are interested in working on these types of projects, which have very specific job descriptions and timelines, please contact Sharon Ross, our Advancement Director, at

Board Membership
If you have contributed to Habitat financially or as a volunteer regularly during the years, you may be ready to step into a different type of leadership role with the affiliate. Board members contribute a minimum of 5 – 7 hours per month, depending on committee assignment, contribute financially to the organization and commit to attend at least ten of twelve monthly board meetings each fiscal year.

The Nominating Committee presents potential board member nominations in June. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Cynthia Staley, Executive Director, at