every hand

makes a difference



group volunteering

We often have school, religious, business, civic, or family groups work together on a group build day. The ideal group size is between 5 and 15 people, but larger groups are sometimes an option. If you have more than 5 people coming to volunteer together, you must call (361-573-2511) and schedule a group day ahead of time. This allows our site supervisors to prepare for you to have a good experience. Please note that our ability to accept groups depends on the amount of work.

business partners

Whether this is your first company volunteer event, or you’re seasoned pros, Habitat provides a fun, easy and engaging experience. We’re in the business of building safe, affordable housing, and would love to work with you. Many businesses are now seeing the short- and long-term benefits of bringing employees outside the walls of the office, and into the volunteer space.

community organizations

We invite your community organization to become a partner with Habitat in working toward our mission. And we consider our partnerships to be just that—partnerships. We want you to be proud of the work we do together. Our work in the Golden Crescent community and also throughout the world exponentially increases through trusted community partners. Building safe, affordable homes literally takes a village.

faith partners

As an ecumenical Christian Ministry, Habitat for Humanity is founded on principles that transcend theological and religious differences. Simply put, Habitat provides people of all faiths an opportunity to live in a simple, affordable home.

Your Congregation can partner with the Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity through:
• Remembering Habitat's challenging mission, our families, volunteers and staff in your prayers
• Inviting a Habitat representative to speak to your congregation
• Supporting Habitat's ongoing mission by:

  1. Organizing volunteers to work on Habitat homes
  2. Providing shelter for out of town Habitat Volunteers
  3. Donating to Habitat to help finance new homes for families

Faith based Partnership: Apostle’s Build

Recognizing that sponsorship of an entire Habitat home may be beyond the means of many small congregations, Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity has worked in the past with faith communities to partner together and build what is called an “Apostles Build," - homes that partner up to 12 churches from the community. Financial and volunteer support are both included in an Apostle’s Build partnership. Four such homes have been completed in Victoria, and we would be delighted to work with your congregation to seek out other partners and plan a Unity House with you in any of the communities we serve. To arrange for a presentation or for more information, please contact Hannah Crone, volunteer and church relations coordinator, at 361-573-2511 or hannah@goldencrescenthabitat.org.