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Young Professionals & Student Builders

youngprofessionals_collage.jpgHabitat young professionals

Habitat Young Professionals aims to connect emerging leaders and socially conscious young adults through Habitat's mission. Those who are 25-35 (or young at heart) are encouraged to participate.

Habitat Young Professionals:
• Build houses
• Plan and attend monthly socials
• Partner with other local organizations
• Mentor the Student Builders group

Volunteering at the job site has launched countless memories, team unity, great friendships and even a few marriages. Come be part of the fun!

Contact Gloria at 361-573-2511 to learn more about the next build date or social.

Like us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information on build days and social events!

student_groups.jpgstudent builders

Habitat Student Builders is a movement within Habitat for Humanity that is designed to engage young people, ages 5-25, in Habitat’s work by empowering them to sponsor and build a Habitat house. The youth will do the planning, fundraising, promotion and actual building of the house.

The four main goals of the Habitat Student Builders program are:

  • Provide leadership roles for young people
  • Involve diverse youth from different organizations, faiths, age groups and backgrounds working together in meaningful volunteer roles
  • Actively involve Habitat homeowner children as volunteer partners
  • Engaging youth people in Habitat’s mission and in their local communities

In the Golden Crescent area, the goal is to tap into this energetic resource, develop the next generation of civil leadership and encourage their already giving hearts. Along with increasing community spirit, the youth learn skills, such as fundraising and public relations, that will benefit them in the future. The spirit of volunteerism is planted firmly and nurtured in an organized, meaningful manner.

Interested youth and youth group leaders are asked to contact Gloria at 361-573-2511 and follow the group on Facebook.

more youth involvement ideas

Looking for more ideas for youth activities? Check out these ideas:

ages 5-7

  • Hold a food collection drive to fill the pantry for a new homeowner family.
  • Draw greeting cards to sell as a Habitat fundraiser.
  • Participate in the house dedication ceremony by performing a song or skit.

ages 7-10

  • Help adults with setting up meals for work site volunteers.
  • Designate Sunday School collections or money raised from collecting refundable cans and bottles for buying a specific house component.
  • Coordinate a birthday gift project for homeowner children.

ages 10-12

  • Construct and paint window boxes as housewarming gifts or as fundraising items.
  • Design t-shirts to be used or sold at a Habitat event.
  • Hold a bake sale at church as a fundraising event.
  • Send each volunteer a thank-you note or send one note to the group leader for the whole group.
  • Apply labels, stuff envelopes, help church Habitat volunteers with organizing mailings.

ages 12-14

  • Build birdhouses as housewarming gifts or fundraising items.
  • Plan part of the house dedication ceremony and help take part in it.
  • Hold a services auction at church benefiting Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity. Auction off babysitting or lawn cutting services as a fundraiser.
  • Youth ages 12-15 can landscape Habitat houses, do job site clean-up and paint.

ages 15-18

  • Provide babysitting for children of homeowners and volunteers.
  • Clean house before new homeowners move in.
  • Volunteer with a youth work team at the work site.
  • Organize and serve meals to volunteer workers.
  • Plan and help implement a celebration to recognize all of the volunteers who have worked on the house.
  • Youth 16-17 can do general construction activities with adult supervision using hand tools.
  • Youth 18 and over can use power tools with proper safety training.